The ensemble brings together six musicians involved in Electroacoustic research and composition as well as the practice of improvisation. The aim is to develop the dimension of the composer-performer, exploring the creative potentials of current technologies, shared as a means to create collective compositions.

The original motivation behind the formation of the ensemble was the reflection deriving from the practice of Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise. This work is a main point of confluence between a new creative approach to interpretation, suggested by Cardew’s relying on the Tractatus of Wittgenstein, and his unconventional idea of composition evolving from graphic scores and design modules.

The repertoire proposed by the ensemble offers new visions, by means of real-time computer music and the current sensing technologies, of the main “classic” experimental scores by Cardew, Cage, Stockhausen, Wolff, and Riley, among others. In addition our repertoire currently involves original music productions of the ensemble as well as new indeterminate musical works from the members of the group and external composers.

The Cardew Ensemble was founded in summer 2011 as a development of previous collaborations between the Italian Music Conservatories of Trento, Bolzano, Verona, and the San Marino Musical Institute, unifying different established musical realities in the field of Contemporary and Experimental Music such as the Antisonic Ensemble (Bozen), the San Marino Ensemble, and the Duo Graziani-Mosconi (Verona).

The Cardew Ensemble has participated in the EmuFest in Rome, the VeronaContemporanea in Verona, the MaskFest in San Marino and Bologna, the Area Sismica Festival in Forlì, the Angelica Festival in Bologna, Eterotopie in Mantua, and the GAS Festival in Goteborg. New engagements are foreseen for the coming years in Italy, Germany and Britain, accompanied by the release of the group’s first CD.

Nicola Baroni                         HyperCello-MAX/MSP

Carlo Benzi                             Electric Keyboards

Mauro Graziani                     Sound Synthesis and Live Electronics

Massimiliano Messieri       Acousmatics,Toy Instruments

Federico Mosconi                 Electric Guitar and Devices

Michele Selva                         Saxophones

Cardew Ensemble

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