Nicola Baroni gained conservatory diplomas in Cello Performance and in Electronic Music,

as well as a degree in Musical Aesthetics at the University of Bologna (final dissertation on

Alvin Lucier). He participated in post-graduate courses in cello and chamber music with Franco Rossi,

Alain Meunier, Anner Bijlsma, Siegfried Palm at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, the Città

di Castello Music Academy, the Hochschule Franz Liszt in Weimar, the Festival Casals in

Prades. He has followed stages on musical softwares and Live Electronics at AGONAudiofficine

in Milano and at IRCAM in Paris.

He has developed the doctoral project “ Gesture and listening. Towards a social and ecosystemic

hyperinstrument composition” as a PhD in Composition at the University of


He is cello teacher at the “ G.Verdi” Conservatory in Milano. After previous collaborations

with different symphony orchestras he has been undertaken an intense chamber and solo

music activity. His interest in historical performance practice has led him to specialise in

baroque cello as well, and to edit late 17th century music for Ut Orpheus Editions. He is

member of the artistic direction of the MASK association for new music, and artistic

director of the Franz Liszt Foundation in Bologna.

His performance and research collaborations in 20th Century music have involved the

following contemporary ensembles: Octandre, Icarus, Siddharta, Musica Attuale, Musica/

Realtà, Interensemble, Antisonic-Elektronika, FontanaMix, Cardew Ensemble. He has

directly worked with composers like Sylvano Bussotti, Paolo Castaldi, Franco Donatoni,

Adriano Guarnieri, Mauro Graziani, Ivo Malec, Alvin Curran, Igor Linz Maues, Lawrence

Casserley. He is now involved in electro-acoustic music and composition, and principally in live

electronics and interactive performance with Digitally Augmented musical instruments and

real-time Software, involving new compositions and interactive scores. These works were

performed in Italy at the Biennale di Venezia and different festivals such as MASK,

Angelica, Eterotopie, Spazio Musica, in UK, Czech Republic, Germany, South America,

USA and Canada. Discography contains music by Monteverdi, Torelli, Liszt, Malipiero,

Villa Lobos, Scelsi, Gentilucci, Messieri for labels including Tactus, Bongiovanni, Naxos,

La Bottega Discantica, Luna, Rivo Alto. He has published the anthological Solo Cello CD

“Violoncello Italiano.XXI Secolo” with Bottega Discantica label. He is collaborating with

the institutions of research VID-ArtScience in Bologna and Centre for Splecklednet

Computing in Edinburgh.

For many years he has been active in the concert scene playing contemporary, romantic, and

baroque repertoire in Italian theatres such as Teatro Comunale di Bologna, La Fenice di

Venezia, Teatro Regio di Torino, Teatro Politeama di Palermo, Piccolo Teatro di Milano,

Cantiere d’Arte di Montepulciano, Accademia Chigiana di Siena, Università La Sapienza di

Roma, Accademia Filarmonica di Trento, and international festivals in Europe, US, South

America, and Japan. He played at different festivals like Angelica in Bologna, GAMO in

Florence, REC in Reggio Emilia, RavennaFestival, Spazionovecento in Cremona,

MilanoMusica, SpazioMusica in Cagliari, Piccadilly Festival in London, Gaudeamus in

Amsterdam, Music Factory in Bergen, Neue Music in Freiburg, Reykyavik Festival, Lucero

Festival in Paris, Kiev Music Fest, Snyggton in Berlin, Festival Donatoni in Mexico City.

He has hold conferences and workshops on string contemporary repertoires and about the

relations between Improvisation and Live Electronics, among others, at the Kunst

Universitat Wien, the Kunst Universitat Berlin, the Academy of Arts in Gothembourg, the

US Universities of Stanford and Atlanta, Halifax, Toronto and Montréal in Canada, the

Universities of Montevideo and Santa Fè, the Hochschule in Hannover and different Italian


Ritratto del violoncellista Ricardo Pichot – Salvador Dalì 1920

Violoncello Italiano XXI Secolo